Client: Pentland Brands

Industry: Sports Equipment

Product Design and development of Speedo Fastskin Pure Focus Googles

"It’s rare to find a company that has the in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in mechanical engineering, but also the same level of expertise in A-Class surfacing and a subtle appreciation for the desired aesthetic intent and product desirability that the design team require.  Raymont-Osman possess these skills and attributes. Their work has made a significant difference to our business. In a nutshell, you receive 100% commitment and attention to detail from Raymont-Osman.  They care deeply about the end result and they offer an expert service throughout every stage of the design and innovation process."

Chris Johnson
Industrial Design Lead ‑ Active
Pentland Brands Limited

Speedo have released their new goggle - Fastskin Pure Focus as part of their latest generation of racing system, including the Pure Intent and Pure Valour racing suits. They are packed full of innovative features and technology.

Raymont-Osman's Product Engineers and Designers helped Speedo to realise the Fastskin Pure Focus which was released in March 2019 in preparation for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Balancing aesthetic with performance, the goggle has 5% reduced drag compared to its predecessor, making it the fastest goggle in the Speedo range.

Designed and developed in collaboration with elite athletes, including Caeleb Dressel, Kim Seo-Yeong, Duncan Scott and Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, the innovative three-material moulding provides the wearer with extended vision, hydrodynamic flow and an ergonomically sculpted seal to the face, all of which combine to provide world-class, medal winning, performance.

The styling, engineering performance and manufacturing considerations were co-developed to provide a high quality product and the internal structure is optimised using injection moulding simulation to produce the smallest and lightest package possible.

Speedo Fatskin Pure Focus Goggles Product Design

The goggle also uses a novel method of Nosebridge connection, providing the athlete with a customizable fit which cannot come loose during use. This unique connection method has enabled Speedo to apply for intellectual property rights on the design.

These Goggles are shortlisted for the Design Week Awards 2019

More details can be found on the Fastskin Pure Focus here:

Speedo Fastskin Pure Focus Goggles Product Development

Re-profiled optics reduces distortion and increases lateral vision. Optical surfaces behave differently in air and water and these goggles have been refined to produce great vision in both environments.

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