Client: Equerry

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Raymont-Osman initially completed a tear-down investigation of Equerry's current product before concepting with the client on ways in which the existing design could be enhanced. Of chief interest was the improvement of the method for dispensing the polish, ensuring maximum usability of this key function - the eventual design emanating from this stage has since been patented, with the Raymont-Osman team drawing up the images for patent application.

Equerry Pro Electric Shoe Shiner presented in its travel case

In order to support Equerry in testing the market, our industrial designers generated a suite of high-quality renders and images. Following detailed customer feedback, Raymont-Osman created detailed design for manufacture and 3D printed prototypes, before testing for feasibility and manufacturability. In order to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness, the team continuously liaised with manufacturers on sub-component and tooling costs and undertook Value Analysis and Value Engineering. Working closely with these international manufacturers enabled designers and engineers to perfect tooling design and ensure a finished product ready for mass production.

Work on the Equerry Pro has continued past production with the provision of Raymont-Osman's support on marketing; helping the client to promote this innovative product, both at home and abroad.  

A man's hands uses an Equerry Pro shoe shiner to clean a pair of black shoes

"I was very fortunate to be introduced to Raymont-Osman. The service they provided greatly exceeded my expectations, was excellent value for money and the quality of their design and engineering work was second to none. The design they created proved to be most successful and they liaised with our manufacturer ensuring that it was implemented precisely. Always available and helpful I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone"

Charles O'Ferrall, Equerry Founder

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An Animation Showing The Injection Moulding Simulation of an Equerry Pro Component
Injection Moulding Simulation of an Equerry Pro Component
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