Through Reverse Engineering, we can deconstruct any existing product to learn as much as possible about its functionality and assembly. This can allow you to gain crucial insight into the performance of your own product range and those of your competitors.  To begin reverse engineering through Raymont-Osman, get in touch here.

Whether you have a historical part that you need to recreate or wish to know more about a competitor’s product, we are able to supply a wide range of facilities:

Teardown Research

Our team of experienced Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electronic Engineers are familiar with modern and historical methods of manufacture. We can learn a great deal about the design of a product, the purpose of each of its components and features as well as its strengths and weaknesses by just disassembling it. We then feed these key pieces of information back into your new design to create a product that capitalises on its core strengths whilst removing faults and is optimised for manufacture.

Product design consultancy reverse engineering services

Optical Coordinate Measurement Machine

Our Optical CMM allows us to make microscopic measurements of components, allowing us to create 3D models which are accurate to thousandths of a millimetre. Measuring the thickness of a film or coating is also possible, with the data collated by our CMM feeding directly into our CAD systems to enable our team to analyse and recreate models.

To find out how your product could make use of Optical CMM, contact us here.