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Plastic Part Design and Manufacture

Raymont Osman Product Design have a vast portfolio of product design and manufacture using a range of plastics, giving us the edge when it comes to determining the material make-up of your product.

Solid Model Design

Solid Model Design is the most traditional method of design, used primarily for machined components. We have extensive experience in designing CNC'd parts, having spent many years working with manufacturers across a variety of sectors.

Technical Drawings

Creating technical drawings from 3D CAD and calculating tolerances allows you to control the quality and costs from your suppliers and tells your customers exactly what they are buying.

Reverse Engineering, Teardown Reports and Analysis

At Raymont-Osman, we offer a comprehensive range of reverse engineering, teardown and analysis services to help you get a better understanding of your competitors' products, identify potential design improvements, and enhance your own product development process.


Raymont-Osman designers possess extensive training and experience in advanced surface modelling, enabling them to create A-class products that look as good as they perform

Design Reviews

A critical stage in the product design process. We carry out a comprehensive design reviews, and testing process ahead of manufacture to ensure the product is 100% signed off.

Material Selection

Through thorough analysis and testing we ensure that the perfect material is used for our client's products. The choice of materials can make or literally break a product!

Sheet Metal Design

Raymont Osman are able to design your sheet metal components in formats that can be sent directly to our tried and tested suppliers, ready for manufacture, cutting out significant design and manufacturing time.

Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)

At Raymont-Osman Product Design, we understand that the need to evolve your product is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

Engineering Calculations

We're good with numbers! Either through manual hand calculations, or through our extensive suite of test and simulation tools.

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