Client: Endura

Industry: Sports Equipment

Raymont-Osman's Design and Digital team recently helped cycling brand Endura Sport to create a prototype clothing designer app. The progressive web app, called Endura Studio, allows cyclists and cycling teams to create their own custom jerseys and send the design for manufacture in the company's high tech manufacturing facilities near Edinburgh, Scotland.

We created the progressive web app for the Innovation Team at Pentland Brands Limited, Endura's parent company, as a proof of concept to help develop the project's user experience, UX, and user interface, UI.

"The main advantage of our digital prototype apps," said Lead Developer Alex Baker, "is to be able to gather data from customers to inform the design process and help shape the experience. Much like a scientific experiment, you make a hypothesis, build and test it. In the process you gather data and learn from that. It is lean and agile strategy".

The Endura Studio app makes use of the latest 3D frameworks and web based technologies, including Three.js, material design, Facebook's React.js, Blender and WebGL to allow the team to succeed by helping them to continually test and learn with cyclists and athletes. We used actual fabric cutting patterns to create 3D graphical models of the jerseys that were then digitally draped over 3D scanned people in software usually used in the computer games and film making industries.

Raymont-Osman Product Design Consultancy - Endura Studio Web App Development

"Digital projects can evolve progressively", said Tom Osman, Director, “so they offer a lot of advantages over traditional product design. With physical products, especially with plastic injection moulding, there's an up-front investment needed to make mould tools, so the design needs to be absolutely right from the start, right down to the last fraction of a millimetre. With digital services we can be more adaptive and continually improve the design and user experience by using data and feedback over time".  

Endura leads the way in cycling clothing, bike helmets and cycling accessories, therefore the app needed to accommodate the creation of a huge variety of designs to a very high quality.

The prototype project continues to be developed in an agile way as it scales up throughout 2020.

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