Alex Baker

Alex Baker

Endura Studio Prototype Web App

Raymont Osman Product Design - Custom web app for Endura

Design Reviews

A critical stage in the product design process. We carry out a comprehensive design reviews, and testing process ahead of manufacture to ensure the product is 100% signed off.

How to Design a Product

How to design a product - The key 5 steps to designing a product

How To Have Mind-Blowing Ideas

Alex Baker educates us on how to have mind blowing product ideas, and how to turn them into reality

Step 1: Concept Exploration

Exciting days to help you explore your idea. Whether you have well defined idea, or not, our concept exploration sessions can bring your idea to life.

Step 2: Concept Development

We'll explore your market, the unique selling points of your idea, the intellectual property surrounding your idea as well as years of manufacturing and commercial experience bringing products to market.

Step 3: Design Exploration

Perfect the fine details of your design ready for manufacture

Step 4: Design Development

Perfect the fine details of your design ready for manufacture

Step 5: Production Support

We can also assist you beyond the initial design stages. Once manufacturing has begun, we can help you diagnose and solve manufacturing issues by inspecting parts, Injection Moulding trials and strength testing of components.

Designing for Manufacture, DFM and Production Support

Taking ideas from concept to reality can involve a lot of difficult decisions along the journey. Problems that can only be overcome with a great deal of innovative thinking, teamwork and years of engineering expertise.

Why Product Design & Development is More Important Than Ever

Good design can often be overlooked. Product design and development is more important than ever.

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