Testing and Validation

After detailed design is complete, validation is provided using high-end prototypes. Once prototypes have passed all initial test criteria, then it’s time to begin production. Upon arrival of the first samples, we can then evaluate the entire product as a single unit, ensuring that it is fit for purpose.

At Raymont-Osman, you and your product will have unrestricted access to a wide range of high-end tools and equipment for testing and validation – from force testing machines and microscopic inspection equipment, to the ability to host focus groups. Whatever you need, we can make sure your product is ready for market.

Production Support

We can also assist you beyond the initial design stages. Once manufacturing has begun, we can help you diagnose and solve manufacturing issues by inspecting parts, Injection Moulding trials and strength testing of components.

Need help with your assembly line? We can help you with all jigs and fixtures, as well as provide the expertise for the initial set up to get you running and into production. Should you require a comprehensive quality checking process, then we can be there to help you to minimise the chance of product failure.

Product Release

Each Raymont-Osman designed product is bespoke and tailored to the unique and individual needs of the companies we represent. We take the time to fully understand the quirks and intricacies of your specification and, as a result, you can be assured that, come product release day, you will have a product of which we are proud!

Product Design Reviews and Product Refreshes

Thinking about a design refresh on your current product? Look no further.

Our experienced team of product designers can undertake a review of any current product, combined with user feedback to suggest a range of modifications. This may range from ease of build, enhancing usability, economy or any other aspect of the design which you feel needs updating.

Give us a call to start your product design journey!