Industry: Textile Manufacturing

"When we were searching for somebody to help us design a custom made machine, Raymont-Osman convinced us with their fresh approach and out-of-the-box thinking. We have been very happy with that decision. Their skill and quality of work has been excellent and it has been a pleasure dealing with them throughout the design and manufacture process. We are looking forward to working with the Raymont-Osman team again!"

Agnete Samdahl
Owner and Director
Unspun Textiles Limited

Pneumatic Valve Blocks

Unspun Textiles are producing traditionally pressed wool felt for the first time in Britain since the last manufacturers closed in the 1980s. They work exclusively with 100% natural and renewable fibres, such as wool, silk and alpaca to create a seamless aesthetic expression of colour, texture and form.

Unspun approached our agency to help them to research, design and develop an industrial felt milling machine for hardening the fabric using the traditional techniques. There are existing machines, but the only ones left in the country are museum pieces over one hundred years old, presenting us with a unique opportunity to thoroughly re-imagine a significant and historic piece of industrial heritage.

Raymont-Osman Product Design Engineer with Unspun Textiles

Our Mechanical Engineers worked from photos and diagrams in an 1892 patent to create a layout of the form and range of motion for the machine. The framework was upgraded from cast iron to laser cut and welded mild and stainless steel and the motion system was redesigned from being a belt-driven crank to a highly tuneable pneumatic and stepper motor driven system with electronic controls. The bearing system was enhanced from highly greased wooden blocks to precise hardened steel rails with dry-lined bearings and modern safety features were added including interlocked covers and emergency stop buttons.

Services: Mechanical Engineering, Reverse Engineering, 3D CAD Design, Design for Manufacture, FEA, Mechanical Innovation, Analysis, Supplier Liaison, Electrical Design, Pneumatic Design, 2D Drawings, PLC Programming, Materials Selection, Machinery Manufacture, Machinery Commissioning, Process Development

More details about Unspun and their online shop selling bags, tech protectors and rugs can be found on their website