Client: Raw Stadia

Industry: AI Sports Technology  

Data driven turf management is becoming an integral part of the Grounds Manager's role in football and many other sports. Monitoring trends of surface performance helps staff gain knowledge and make informed decisions on the maintenance carried out, and show the impact the surface has on their players performance and well-being. With data, staff can be optimally efficient with their approach, by minimising waste and continuously monitoring performance and gain the ability to instantly provide objective progress reports to management and coaching staff. The Raw Artificial Athlete is unique in its ability to scientifically analyse the physical properties of sports pitches using accelerometers and advanced AI.


The team at Raymont-Osman began by reviewing the current surface testing equipment on the market, and FIFA testing specifications. Engineers worked alongside Raw Stadia to complete a ground-up design, focussing on how sensitive scientific equipment could be built into a rugged product for use outside with also enhanced functionality. Our electronics and software engineers then designed the electronics and firmware, whilst mechanical engineers focussed on design for manufacture, including the design of machined extrusions and off-the-shelf components to optimise cost efficiencies and value for the end customer.

How does the RAA change the current industry standards?

“Today only a Clegg Hammer is used by clubs to test the relative hardness of a playing surface to inform players on the playability of the pitch. However, mechanical characteristics are much more complex than the initial impact of a dropped weight. Therefore the RAA uses the complete mechanical profile of the impact test, taking into account visco-elasticity, superficial and profound impact attenuation, to replicate the complete foot strike cycle”, explains Reece Watson, Chief Technology Officer of Raw Stadia.

Following the initial design phase, prototypes were machined and assembled and custom electronics integrated. Raymont-Osman then performed extensive testing and calibration programming with the team at Raw Stadia at various Premier League Football clubs in order to further redefine the design.

Upon completion of the design, engineers at Raymont-Osman have been responsible for the manufacture of the Raw Artificial Athlete, where CNC machining has been used to generate most parts, with the remaining sourced. In-house assembly of units continues at Raymont-Osman.

Services: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Design for Manufacture, Electronics Design, review of existing product, in-house Manufacture and Assembly, Prototyping and Testing.

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