Client: capsunlocked

Industry: Consumer Electronics

The CU1 is a single rotary encoder that is reprogrammable via QMK. The rotary encoder is the same one that is being used on the CU7, but does not feature detents, turning infinitely with no defined stops. The outer casing and dial are made entirely of Aluminium; the dial design is the same dial on the CU7 (also designed by Raymont-Osman). There are three silicone feet that attach to the bottom to prevent the Aluminium base from touching any surfaces. The PCB supports a single USB-C port.

Mechanical and electronics engineers, along with industrial designers designed the mechanical and electronic elements of the CU1 keyboard to be ready for production. The team at Raymont-Osman brought to life the concept of a single dial with a round-top case, sitting atop a circular base with as small a PCB as possible. Crucial also, was the design compatibility with the existing capsunlocked line-up.

CAD files were generated for the Top Case, Bottom Plate and the Rubber Feet. Our team of electronic engineers then designed the schematic, creating component libraries and output the PCB design as a layout in Gerber files and a schematic. Designers then produced 2D drawings and a technical pack to aid communication with the manufacturer in China.

The CU1 is now available to buy from the capsunlocked store

See also the CU21 numpad and CU7 keypad and dial