“There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”- Bill Nye

On Wednesday, Kelly and Tom spent the day at their alma mater - The University of Birmingham - launching the 2023 Raymont-Osman Design Final Year Mechanical Engineering Prize.

This annual prize recognises brilliance in the final year projects of UoB Mechanical Engineering students with a first prize of £500 and with honourable mentions for the runners up.

Past winners and honourable mentions have included:

Shafath Chowdhury - Patient-specific design for high tibial osteotomy plates using densitometric calibration (winner 2022)

Gabrielle McNeelance - Osteoarthritis knee brace (winner 2021)

Zoe Kitson - Blood Clot Removal Device (winner 2020)

Laura Gillingham - Energy Recovery from CO² Expansion

Charles Bowen - 3D Printed Knee Implant

David Scott - Ankle Simulator

Jafar Adam - Cooling of electric vehicle batteries

Andy Preston - Novel Gripper for picking up porous mats

Benjamin Hutchins - MicroscoPy 2.0

Charles Heaton - Right Atrium simulator for haemodialysis catheter testing

Joe Garrett - Vertical axis wind turbines

Entry Requirements

  1. Open to all final-year Mechanical Engineering students currently studying at the University of Birmingham
  2. A proposal on what you will design and/or develop for your FYP, how you will do it and highlighting why it is important or interesting
  3. One side of A4 only; can be in any format and no limitation on text
  4. Submitted in the post or via email to hello@raymont-osman.com with the subject FYP Prize to arrive with us by
    12pm the 6th March 2023

Good luck!