They may not all be page-turners in the traditional sense, but these books certainly have their place in the world of product design! Check out our favourites:

Mike (Technical Director) Zeus Tables - ZEUS charts are extremely handy reference guides of data and tables that are ideal for use in tool rooms and workshops. These Zeus charts are often supplied as pocket-sized reference booklets so you can always have the information to hand when you need it.

Tom (Director) The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St. Clair. Lively and engagingly written, The Secret Lives of Colour decodes colour in culture through art, history, fashion and fiction from Yves Cline blue to the scarlet woman. A fascinating cultural history.

Kelly (Operations Director) Eats , Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. It is not only the rules of punctuation that have come under attack but also a sense of why they matter. A staple for running any business!

Lewis (Product Engineer) Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals by Rob Thompson. The only encyclopaedic guide to manufacturing processes that explores established, new, emerging and innovative production techniques that have, or will have, an important impact on the design industry.

Reuben (Undergraduate Industrial Designer) Dieter Rams: The Complete Works by Eliot Noyes. Made in close collaboration with Rams himself, this catalogue raisonné is the ultimate reference on one of the most influential product designers of all time.


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