Services: Graphic Design, Visual Brand Language

The Springboard Curriculum: Assessment Framework is a summative assessment for pupils with severe, complex and profound learning needs.

It has been developed for use by teachers and therapists, enabling them to work together to capture and celebrate pupils’ small but significant changes in their learning and development over time.

- The Springboard Curriculum: Assessment Framework, 2021

Raymont-Osman worked with the authors to reproduce the brand language and style used in the original Springboard Curriculum (also designed by Raymont-Osman). Using graphic design, the team curated the layout of the online assessment book, referring to the general design theme of the previous publication whilst subtly signalling its difference as a follow-up book.

Designers at RO worked closely with the authors to translate their hand-drawings into tables, assessment frameworks and scoring matrixes. Requirements included ensuring an easily comprehendible, readable format which would appear to time-poor teachers and practitioners.