At Raymont-Osman, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to contribute to their local communities, and to positively influence those around them.

Raymont-Osman has signed the SENSE 'Break the Barrier' Pledge as part of their new campaign. So are you with us?

Join Raymont-Osman and many others in playing your part in this exciting and vitally important campaign!

It’s time to make the pledge and break the barrier. Visit the SENSE website to see what you can do today!

Right now, disabled people are facing too many barriers. Barriers preventing them from being everything they can be. Physical barriers, social barriers, barriers of misunderstanding, of discrimination.

What barriers do disabled people face?

  • Physical barriers – inaccessible locations and equipment, no transport or lack of support to attend or take part in visits or activities
  • Communication barriers – information not being provided in an accessible format like large print or braille
  • Barriers of misunderstanding – making assumptions about a person based on their disability
  • Barriers of discrimination – excluding someone because of their disability

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