The Engineering team at Raymont-Osman make full use of simulation software and methods for three primary purposes: Concept validation of a prospective product prior to manufacture Validation and proof of strength of existing products to ensure they are safe and unlikely to fail during normal us Fault diagnosis of products already within the manufacturing cycle.


Simulation - Optical, FEA, CFD and Motion Analysis

Virtual simulation and analysis with computer software allows us to investigate multiple design iterations thoroughly in a short period of time before anything is made.


We construct physical prototypes to check product styling, performance and construction methods. Our workshop has facilities to hand make or 3D print prototypes and we work closely with suppliers for CNC machining and low volume tooling.

Simulation in Design

Our wide range of simulation methods will help you when you require validation of your initial idea ahead of development

Product Testing and Analysis

Testing goes hand in hand with Simulation during the design process but more importantly, it allows physical validation of a product before releasing it to market.

Part Inspection, Validation and Quality Checking

We use high end measuring equipment and a CMM to check your manufactured parts are the right size.

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