Industrial Design

At Raymont-Osman, our industrial designers work side by side with engineers to form a multi-disciplinary team of passionate and talented people who can create beautiful concept designs. We analyse design trends and study visual brand language, and partner it with the latest technology, manufacturing techniques and user studies. We create products, packaging and software that just feel right. That's the magic of Industrial Design.


Our state-of-the-art software allows us to create freeform, organic surfaces and integrate them with the mechanical design within our CAD software. Our experience with many differing materials allows us to recommend materials that have brilliant CMF qualities and also be suitable for manufacture.

Concept Design

At our core, we're passionate about creating designs that are not only visually stunning but also practical and functional.


Raymont-Osman designers possess extensive training and experience in advanced surface modelling, enabling them to create A-class products that look as good as they perform

Photorealistic Rendering, CGI & Animations

At Raymont-Osman, we recognize that the visual appeal of a product is as important as its functionality. Our photorealistic rendering, CGI, and animation services create stunning visuals that accurately represent your product, its features and benefits and help you market it to potential customers.

Colour, Material and Finish (CMF)

Colour, Material and finish, often abbreviated to CMF is an integral part of product design. CMF design strategies should amplify the aesthetics of products, maximise performance and improve functionality as well as create an emotional impact with your customers.

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