Therefore careful consideration, analysis and testing is required to determine the perfect colours, materials and finish of your product.

A CMF strategy doesn't only consider how the product looks and feels, it can contribute to the sales, pricing and marketing of your product. When done properly it should help your product stand out from the competition, and can even help to raise the perceived value of the product.

CMF is also often used to refresh or re-purpose your existing product, it's a strategy often used to rejuvenate a product line without the cost of new tooling or manufacturing equipment. And CMF certainly isn't a finishing touch. It's considered right at the start of the product design process, and can quite often be the spark at the start of a project that has huge influence on the whole product.


From choosing colours that align and complement your brand and the product, to developing a colour palette that helps satisfy your target audience psychologically. We carefully consider and propose colours that are perfectly and practically suited for you product.


Our product designers and engineers have years of experience in analysing materials and identifying the right  product materials that function perfectly and solve problems. Often utilising different textiles, metals, woods, plastics and woven to create beautiful products.


From how well it protects the product to the way it reflects, we obsess over the finish of our client's products. The finish used on a product really does help to create a lasting emotional connection with users.