It's the final week of April and Mathematics and Statistics Awareness month.

Raymont-Osman Product Design is so much more than the exciting work we produce for our clients. We are more than a set of services or the sum of the products we design and develop. We pride ourselves in our human-centred approach to doing business.

Interns form a cornerstone of our business. They are fresh, innovative, and most importantly, able to challenge us to consider new ways of thinking to ensure that we are in the best place to offer our clients the cutting-edge experience they deserve.

Raymont-Osman has always, and will always continue to pay its interns a fair and liveable wage. They are valued members of our team and we believe that this should be recognised.

It is challenging enough to ensure diversity within our often white, male middle-class industry. Precluding those who cannot afford to live and work for free by offering unpaid internships only adds to yet another socio-economic barrier on the career ladder and the loss of exceptional talent.  

Here's the Maths bit...
£400 per month is £2.83 per hour. The London living wage is £11.05 per hour.
Design Intern (400 per month) = £4800 per year.
By comparison that is less than one winning entry for a Red Dot Design award: (£5261).

We have a collective responsibility in putting an end to internship exploitation.
Raymont-Osman is proud to have signed the @DesignTruth Internship Pledge:

  • We believe industrial design interns should be paid at least the living wage.
  • We will externally provide complete clarity of industrial design internship salaries on all job vacancies that we advertise.
  • We will not endorse, promote or refer a designer to an industrial design internship position where the salary is below the living wage.
  • We will not accept applications from interns who actively offer to work for free or below the living wage.

Raymont-Osman Product Design pledges to do what is right for the industrial designer of today and tomorrow.

(Figures courtesy of Design Truth)
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