Engineers also need to work with Industrial Designers to make sure what they are designing is desirable and something that people want to buy!

Today, we are filming a new set of training tutorials for

The best Industrial Designers and Engineers form strong relationships and collaborate heavily. This integrative environment is exactly the one we employ here, at Raymont-Osman Product Design. This doesn’t mean that we have to do each other’s job, but an understanding of what each other needs to do, makes projects run much smoother and quicker, reduces costs, ensuring our clients’ products get to market quicker.

In this, soon-to-be-released course, we are going to take apart a range of products; look at how they are made and assembled; what they are made from and how this all links back to how they are styled and function. This knowledge will help you to design parts that are realisable from the very beginning with key details like wall thicknesses, choice of materials, parting lines and designing for assembly.

Coming soon!