Over the years, we've heard of many horror stories, including the ones below:

Internships should not be confined to the wealthy or those who can afford to work (and live!) for a year for free. By offering non-paid internships, the industry is at risk of failing to harness the talents and diversity of some of the brightest and most capable future designers.  

At Raymont-Osman, our interns - both Engineering and Industrial Design - are fully-fledged and VALUED members of our team. They are not tea and coffee makers, but rather highly-skilled individuals with much to offer our clients and staff.

We believe in a fair day's pay for a fair day's work and that is why we pay our interns,  including overtime and an extra day off on their birthday, plus bank holidays.

The interns of today are the future of our industry. It's time we treated them as such.  

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