Along with another 38 similar components, this stunning pre-serial prototype is undergoing extensive polishing and vapour-blasting as part of the refining process.

Here is a sneaky peak of something exciting that we will be revealing in the next few weeks!

Lost-wax casting is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture, in this case Aluminium, is cast from an original. A couple of weeks' ago, we produced several castable wax resin 3D prints in-house on our new Form 3L at our Design Studio, which have been used here.

During the lost wax casting process, a plaster mould is created around the original wax master. After the plaster has set, the wax is burnt out, leaving the cavity into which the Aluminium is poured in.

Typically, this process occurs in Bronze and so our quest to produce high-quality Aluminium components has been a highly iterative process! The precision we require for our latest project has not yet fully been achieved, but we are well on the way to producing some beautiful and novel Aluminium parts!