Designing for Manufacture. Without it, your design is just a picture!

Plastic Part Design and Manufacture

Raymont Osman Product Design have a vast portfolio of product design and manufacture using a range of plastics, giving us the edge when it comes to determining the material make-up of your product.

Tolerance Analysis

Specifying the size of the parts and analysing the stack up of tolerances so components and assemblies work regardless of any production variation.

Technical Drawings

Creating technical drawings from 3D CAD and calculating tolerances allows you to control the quality and costs from your suppliers and tells your customers exactly what they are buying.

Design of Assembly and Test Equipment

For some products, the method of making the it, is as critical as the final product.

Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)

At Raymont-Osman Product Design, we understand that the need to evolve your product is crucial to staying ahead of the competition.

Supplier Liaison

Working with your existing and new suppliers to design components and processes that are optimised for their capabilities. We can also work with your suppliers to develop new and novel production solutions.

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