Our team are highly experienced at working with a range of clients and their suppliers, the world over, to develop world-class products. Our high-end communication equipment enables us to work closely with our customers, no matter the distance - whether it be through the facilitation of Concept Exploration Days, sketching sessions, concept reviews or the provision of production support with manufacturers.

No matter the time difference or the location, Raymont-Osman is here for you. Our international clients receive the same personalised service as our UK-based customers....So whilst you are sleeping, Raymont-Osman can be working on your next product.  

Our team of experts has extensive experience of designing products - including precise medical devices and safety-critical systems - to a wide range of international standards, such CE and FDA approval, and ISO Certification and BSO Standards, ensuring the quality of your product measures up, the world over.

Similar to our work with UK-based clients, Raymont-Osman currently works with a range of international clients - supporting them throughout the product life cycle, including: initial concept design and subsequent development, physical design, precision testing and simulation, product and process analysis and ongoing manufacturing support.

World-Class International Production Support

We take pride in assisting our clients with every stage of a new product launch. This involves supporting them well beyond the initial design and testing of a product, working with their existing suppliers and manufacturers or sourcing new ones. We have a large contact list of recommended manufacturers - including those in Taiwan, China, India, Japan, the UK, France, the US and German - specialising in all areas of manufacture and material, and regularly work with clients to match their needs and budgets with trusted manufacturers.

Having worked with customers to design their product, our team of experts can also assist in:

  • Sourcing appropriate international manufacturers and suppliers
  • Working with our clients' existing manufacturers and suppliers
  • Design for Manufacture around existing manufacturer processes and equipment
  • Design for qualification inspection
  • Design of Poka Yoke features to optimise the manufacture and assembly process
  • Assembly line set-up
  • Assistance in setting up injection moulding machines and processes
  • Qualification and proving-out of assembly processes.

Wherever you are, get in touch to see how Raymont-Osman can bring your next product to life.