With Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games taking place this year, in this masterclass explores how SMART cutting-edge design and technology has been incorporated into the baton design and other elements of the Commonwealth Games.

Speakers include those at the forefront of producing SMART and innovative designs that provide a platform to drive change whether that’s through cutting-edge product design, AR, AI, or immersive tech.

This week, the panel included:

Guest Panel

During the interview, hear Tom and Kelly discuss the multitude of innovative methods and technologies which have been designed into the current Queen's Baton including:

  • The integration between old and new - using traditional lost wax casting of 3D wax resin prints
  • Organically-grown nanocrystalline copper onto 3D printed parts
  • CNC machining using diamond cutters
  • Electroplating platinum

and much more!

Watch the full masterclass here