Bringing your concepts to life

Do you have an idea for a product but are struggling to get it off the drawing board? You're not alone! We have helped dozens of businesses who have fantastic ideas, but aren't sure how to turn their idea into a reality.

Even with the best inventions, it is crucial to define how much work, time, effort and money will be required to get your product to market. This can be difficult to determine without a detailed concept.

Our Raymont-Osman Concept Exploration Days pairs you with two of our expert design consultants to investigate and refine your product. Activities vary according to the outcomes you want to achieve but could include work on feasibility, design ideation, market analysis, specifications, research, tear-down analysis, reverse engineering and the generation of early-stage sketches, mock-ups and prototypes.

80% of businesses who have attended our Exploration Days have gone on to develop their product.

Our Concept Exploration Days are as unique as you and your needs. We have therefore designed them to be completely open-ended and client-led to ensure a truly bespoke approach. At Raymont-Osman, we know that knowledge and expertise are crucial. We will hand-pick the consultants that you will work with on the day according to their field, experience and background to ensure maximum productivity.

When you depart, you will leave with a greater understanding of your product, its key concepts, feasibility, manufacturing processes, challenges and most importantly, a way forward!

To book your Concept Exploration Day Call Us and we'll arrange a date to bring your project to life.

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