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At Raymont-Osman we boast a team of dedicated Mechanical Engineers with expert 3D CAD design skills, each with access to a full suite of SolidWorks packages on mobile workstations, ensuring incredible efficiency from any location.

Need a Mechanical Engineer on-site by tomorrow?

Pressed for time and on a tight timescale? We can assist with you with:
  • Award-winning Engineers, ready to hit the ground running
  • Instant expertise – pairing you and our Engineers according to your needs and their experience
  • Alternative perspectives and fresh eyes
  • Rational thought and problem-solving ability
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Some of our mechanical engineering skills include:

Solid Model Design

Solid Model Design is the most traditional method of design, used primarily for machined components. We have extensive experience in designing CNC'd parts, having spent many years working with manufacturers across a variety of sectors. We will ensure your parts are designed in the most efficient way possible - keeping costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality or functionality. 

Sheet Metal Design

We are able to design your sheet metal components in formats that can be sent directly to our tried and tested suppliers, ready for manufacture. Using this direct method, allows us to cut out significant design and manufacturing time. We supply exactly what our suppliers need to get the job done. No more and no less. 


Brilliant products need to look amazing and function well. Our Designers and Engineers possess extensive training and experience in advanced surface modelling, enabling them to create A-class products that look as good as they perform.

Technical Drawings

All of our Engineers have worked extensively with 2D drawing packages, tolerances and manufacturers and understand fully the implications of making drawings too simple or too complex. All drawings we provide are appropriately toleranced and we are fully-capable of working to BS 8888 and geometric tolerancing standards. 

Engineering Calculations

You can be certain that our understanding of your design problem and the respective theory is safe and sound in the hands of our industry experts. By choosing Raymont-Osman, you will ensure your product has the benefit of access to an extensive suite of test and simulation tools - at your disposal if engineering calculations get too complex to perform by hand.

Material Selection

Have a product that is product too heavy, too weak or just not fit for purpose? Our extensive knowledge of engineering plastics, composites, metals and ceramics can help.    

Value Analysis and Value Engineering


Should you need to re-engineer your product to use new materials or modern methods of manufacture, the team at Raymont-Osman are able to assist. Using your original designs, we will suggest changes in form or material in order to either add function or reduce cost, ensuring your product is able to evolve as your requirements do.   Should your business find itself in need of quality or capacity for CAD Design or Mechanical Engineering expertise, our talented and innovative group of Engineers are on standby to assist.

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