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Intellectual Property and Patents

Whilst we don’t have patent lawyers in-house, we can certainly help you with your intellectual property. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

With our names on several patents already and experience around patents in general, we are more than capable to help you with any legal advice needs you may have.

The first stage of any intellectual property journey is to search for any existing patents that could cause you to be in infringement. Our team has extensive experience searching global databases for patent infringements and are happy to help you check your idea is original.

Once we have established that you have a novel idea which is not only unique but worthy of patenting, we can then move on to making your design and patent difficult to circumvent. By adapting your product by broadening the scope of the invention we can maximise the security of your intellectual property, increasing the difficulty for competitors to work around your patent and copy your product or idea.

If you find yourself in a position where you may be in breach of an existing patent we are also able to help you find a different approach, this may be by finding workarounds or it may be a completely new approach.

Once we have reached this stage, you can be more confident in the knowledge that a patent lawyer has the best information available on your product, and you can have increased confidence that your hard work will be protected.



Products launched into the marketplace should comply with the relevant directives and standards. Standards are for safety, compatibility, quality and performance and they can be at national, economic region and international levels. For example: BS, EN and ISO standards for The United Kingdom, the European Union and International respectively.

Directives, such as the European Union Machinery Directive, are pieces of legislation combining standards and methods of working to ensure a mandatory minimum level of safety across all European states. While this may initially seem an overwhelming and restrictive chore, compliance allows your product to be sold and installed in any country within the EU with no further paperwork or assessment.

By identifying the necessary standards early in the design process and incorporating them within the Design Specification as a performance baseline, we can quickly gain confidence that your product will be suitable and safe in the hands of your customers and avoid costly rework later in the project.

Our design, simulation and in-house testing will get your product to a level where it will meet the directives and standards. Depending on the product, it may then be self certified, or we can manage verification and confirmation testing at an independent test lab.

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