hapac cannabis filling machine

Client: Liberty Herbal Technologies Limited

Industry: Medical & Industrial

We approached Raymont-Osman to help develop a key piece of manufacturing equipment for our patent-pending hapac® medical cannabis vaporisation system. It wasn't a simple brief - involving the innovation of an entirely novel mechanism and process - but from the start I was impressed by RO's creativity, thoroughness and attention to detail (not to mention their 'can-do' attitude). As a result we now have a working piece of equipment that is shortly to be rolled-out in two countries - a great result!

Simon Rucker
Founder / Product Director
Liberty Herbal Technologies

hapac® is patent-pending medical cannabis vaporisation system that heats, but doesn't burn, natural cannabis in the form of pre-packed filter-paper sachets containing precisely dosed amounts of finely ground cannabis flower. This enables patients to inhale a vapour that contains the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes without being exposed to the levels of toxicity found in conventional smoke.

The other issue with smoking medical cannabis is the amount of waste; up to 50% of the herb can burn away between puffs. As hapac® doesn't burn the cannabis, almost nothing is wasted , reducing the cost and increasing the value for the patient. hapac® also removes the stress and mess of preparing conventional medical cannabis for vaporisation by removing the need for grinding and measuring. And because the flower is sealed inside the hapac® filter-packs at all times, it helps the vaporiser oven stay cleaner, for longer.

The other beauty of the hapac® medical cannabis vaporisation system is that because it provides an exact dose, it allows patients and doctors to accurately judge and manage how much is being consumed. Lastly, the hapac® filter-packs are made from natural materials meaning that they can be safely composted after use.

Raymont-Osman Product Design worked with the hapac® team to develop a filling station for simultaneously filling 25 hapac® filter-packs with precise quantities (0.2g +/- 5%) of finely ground medical cannabis flower and then securely sealing them ready for use.

Prototypes for filling a single filter-pack were created in CAD to develop and test the complex geometry required for keeping empty filter-packs open and ensuring accurate trouble-free filling. Then using our in-house 3D printing facilities we refined the prototypes before gradually scaling up to 5, then 25 filter-pack machines.

The types and quality of material was key for this project, we used medical grade materials such as advanced engineering polymers and stainless steel, and where possible off-the-shelf components were used to minimise cost and reduce lead times.

Following CAD design and reviews, we worked with our network of trusted manufacturers to CNC machine, laser cut and vapour blast working prototypes that were then tested and refined further.

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