Here are some of our favourite images from the Queen's Baton Relay so far!

Many, understandably, have mixed feelings about the notion of the Commonwealth. We thought this quote by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, sums up the challenges faced in ensuring the Commonwealth remains relevant today, whilst remaining positive about its future:

"We can be pleased with how far the Commonwealth has come in its 60 years and yet how true it has remained to its origins. But this does not mean we should become complacent and rest on past successes...The Commonwealth must show that it is relevant to, and supportive of our young people who need to be convinced that the Commonwealth can help them to realise their ambitions" - HRH.

Raymont-Osman is pleased to have created the first Baton whose appearance is actually changed and influenced by the fingerprints of those around the Commonwealth. Our wish was to challenge the notion of the Baton as an object which is simply and passively passed around the world, in favour of something which is actively influenced by those it comes into contact with. We wanted to create a two-way design, influenced as much by the citizens of the Commonwealth as by our team in the UK. Over the course of its 294 day journey, the nanocrystalline copper will develop a mesmerising blue/green patina, with the final look of this Baton not complete until 28th July 2022, when it arrives at the Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony.

We can't wait to see the result!