The final steps of the Baton demonstrate that it has always been more than a 'clever stick'.

This Baton is about people and change within societies. We are thrilled that the Baton has been used as a vehicle for championing some fantastic causes from LGBTQ+ rights, the NHS and Mental Health recognition.

Having product designed the externals of the Queen's Baton, working alongside Birmingham Open Media (BOM) who created the internal tech, Kajul as Fabricators, and a team of artists from Maokwo, it was a surreal experience to see our work in the hands of Tom Daly, Max Whitlock and Denise Lewis - not to mention HRH Prince Charles!

Huge congratulations to the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee for such a fabulous ceremony. It has been an honour to be part of such a far-reaching project over the past year!